1. You roof has been struck by a fallen tree limb. As much effort as is made to try and get people to cut back on the tree limbs that overhang their home, people just never get it done. Tree limbs from a person’s own property or that of a neighbor are one of the leading causes for roofing damage. Roof damage caused by a fallen branch is also one of the easiest accidents to prevent. The problem is that during normal circumstances a hanging tree branch may seem like an innocent enough problem for your house but as soon the wind starts up or a heavy rain comes, that tree branch turns into a sitting bomb. Even branches that look like they wouldn’t do too much damage to your house can cause thousands of dollars in damage when they fall during bad weather. The other big issue with tree branches is that once they have already crashed into your roof, they are very hard to get off. You will probably need to hire a special tree removal crew to extract the fallen tree from your roof. After the tree branch has been extracted the roof will still need to be repaired and large areas of the roof may actually need to be replaced. In the case that you have had a tree limb fall onto your roof, call a roofing company right away, even if there does not appear to be damage to the roof, there still might be damage you can’t see.
  2. Water damage to the roof. People think that water damage to a roof only occurs when there has been a serious downfall of rain on the home. In fact, most water damage happens slowly over time and is often times invisible to the naked eye. Water damage can be provoked by many different conditions and it is not always because of the rain. In areas of the country that receive high levels of humidity, the water damage might be slowly seeping into areas of the wood, beneath the roofing tiles and cause decay to happen in large areas. The best way to avoid water damage is to regularly coat your roof with water protective sealants. If there has been a strong storm recently with heavy water levels, you might consider calling a roof corp. in to make an inspection of the roof. Water damage can be treated easily if it is caught before it gets bad.

Roof decay caused by time. You shouldn’t take the condition of your roof for granted and just assume that the roof is in good shape. One of the most commonly seen problems with the roof is that it has been neglected over long periods of time. The roof, like every other part of the house must be repaired from time to time and in some cases even replaced. If you can’t even remember the last time your roof was looked at, go to to get a roofing pro to come out and make sure everything is in good shape with your roof

Having roofing that you can rely on

Having roofing that you can rely on is an important part of any home today. Being able to have a safe roof over your head is very important and by being able to have a high-quality roof means being able to have the protection from all the elements of the area that you live in. Today there are many different types of roof options available and being able to make the right choice can be summed up by being able to decide how well protected you want to be. In the roofing industry today there are many different types of materials available to the public. By being able to work with the right roofing contractor you can make the wise decision in the style of roof as well as the long life that you can expect out of it by being able to have it in place. Having the right route for your home and knowing that it can be safe to protect you can bring peace of mind to anybody. One important factor with the new roof is that it is always doing its job in protecting the home. Your first line of defense against weather and other items is your rooftop.

By being able to have a good roofing contractor to guide you in the right way you will be able to have a roof that you can really rely on. By being able to have somebody who can do a great job on a roof and be able to install what is needed will allow you to be able to ensure that your roof is going to be high-quality roof that you can rely on. roofing companyBeing able to have the quality that you can trust in a roof and a roofing contractor you can count on is important. By being able to work with great contractors like those at JK roofing will get you the roofing that you can count on and roofing that is going to last at least passed its manufacture warranty day.  What you can rely on is a great way to be able to have the first line of defense for the protection for your home. You’ll be able to have the home of your dreams and be able to protect it at the same time. It is very important that you protect your roof and always have roofing repairs done right away. You always want to be able to protect the roof as you should to be able to keep it working as your homes first line of defense. When you work with specialists like JK roofing they can help you with all of your roofing needs. From roofing repairs to installing new roofs to repairing the old roof you will be able to have the needs you need meet and they will be able to guide you to what works best to be able to help you with your roofing needs. Having a good roofer depends on being able to have some of the knowledge in the field and can help you and guide you through your process. But being able to have someone who is experienced and has the know-how to be able to walk you through step by step will be able to show you what you need to do to always have your roof protected and in good shape shape. You’ll be glad to have the comfort of your own protected by a roof over your head and you’ll benefit for years  and the roof will be able to continue to hold up as long as it is maintained properly.

Let Your Roofer Marketing Business Get a Jumpstart by Hiring a Professional Web Designer

Let the experts at Roofer Marketing Gurus be a part of your roofer marketing on the World Wide Web. They can take your business from getting very little attention, to getting all the attention that you will need to make a difference in your bottom dollar. You have probably budgeted a percentage of your business for advertising and this is a great way to do some advertising that will pay off. If you don’t have a website that captures attention, you will not get the business from your website that you are hoping to get. Since you are a roofer and you know the roofing business very well and consider yourself an expert in the roofing business, you probably don’t know the internet marketing business very well. roofer website designBut there are experts in the internet marketing business and this company is one of them. They can help take your company to a new level. If you are tired of having a website that does not get much attention and you are ready to start with a fresh new look, they can help you achieve this. Your new website can be just around the corner. Give them a call and get started.

Don’t be a procrastinator. Jump start your website by hiring Roofer Marketing Gurus. They can be the secret key to changing your business. Seriously, they will give your roofing company the attention that you are not used to getting and business that you have not had for years! The roofing industry is competitive and if you want to have the cutting age you will want a new roofer website design. Let these experts get you jump started and back in the business of having lots of lookers and customers that you will get from your new website. Be at the head of the market in leads and customers. This can be a reality with the things that they can do for you on the internet. They can make your business soar and go from a few customers to many customers. You will love the look of your new website and will be so surprised at the number of “hits” that you are getting. Don’t let the other roofers get an advantage over you because they have hired professional website gurus. You can have the edge on everyone else by hiring Roofer Marketing Gurus. In the day of internet technology, you need to keep up with the best way to advertise your business.

After you hire them and they are working at getting your roofer website design up and running, you will be impressed with how they take all your goals and suggestions for your company and incorporate them into the website. Then after you website is up and running you will be pleasantly surprised at the new look of your website. If you type in a keyword to do with your roofing business, to see where it takes you, you will see how your company comes up close to the top of the search and on the first page.


Denver Residents should Call A Roofing Contractor, for Roofing Inspections, as well as Repairs.

roofingWhen you own a home or any building, for that matter, you need to know the right people to call upon, for repairs and maintenance.  Of course, every specific type of maintenance requires different contractors and repair companies, as each material in your home must be dealt with, in its own unique way.  Your roofing is no exception.  As a matter of fact, your roofing is one of the most important aspects of your house or other building to be mindful of.  After all, it is the main barrier between you and the outside world, and having even a tiny crack in your roofing material can end up being financially and structurally disastrous.  For that reason, you need to get your roofing inspected every year, at least once, so you know what is going on with your roof.  Denver residents should call Core Contractors, for roofing inspections, as well as repairs.

Roofing inspections comprise the most basic level of roofing maintenance.  They are so vital because they can alert you to anything that may have gone wrong, with regards to your roof, in the past year.  Without these inspections, you would have no way of knowing that your roof had undergone damage, until your ceiling begins to leak.  At that point, though, there is likely a large amount of other damage that you cannot see.  So, in order to save yourself from this unpleasant consequence, you simply need to remember your roofing inspections.  When it comes to these inspections, there are certain times of the year that are ideal, and there are others that are not.  The best window for roofing inspections is the late summer and early autumn, as the weather is still nice, and the hail season is pretty much over.  It is important that the hail season is over, since hail is one of the most damaging forces, when it comes to your roof.  By waiting until hail season is over, you can be sure that you are catching all the damage that occurred, over the course of hail season.  Having the roofers inspect your roof too early could allow more damage to occur, as a result of hail, after the inspection.

Once you get the inspection, you will know whether or not you have any damage.  In many cases, roofs will get through the entire hail season, without any damage.  That being said, the consequences of not repairing something that should have been repaired are pretty severe, in many cases.  A tiny spot of damage, in your shingles, can lead to a major leak, down the line.  These leaks are particularly problematic in the wintertime, since snow and ice can stay on your roof for such a long time.  Even if the temperature outside is below freezing, water can continue to leak into your roof, as a result of the warmth being generated by your house.  This is the other reason why the narrow window of time between summer and mid-autumn is so critical.  So, call a good roofing company, like Core Contractors, before winter.

Social media branding for your roofer marketing plan is all about networking.

Whether you are meeting people in person or through the internet, today’s culture places a high value on networking, which is really just a fancy word for meeting new people. Whenever new connections are made, whether in person or online, you find that you have kind of tie with a person or a company that will lead you back to them in ways that may not be entirely apparent in the present. That is the kind of power that social networking tools and social media has begun to have. When you “follow” people on Twitter, watch their YouTube videos, check out their “pins” on Pinterest, or see what they’ve blogged about on their WordPress or Blogger account, you feel as though you have met them in some way, that there is a small part of them that is attached to you in some way shape or form. Perhaps you remember them or something they posted at a time when you needed to read it. Perhaps you referred their post to a friend or bookmarked it for later. Whatever it is, you have taken their digital presence into your own life and incorporated them. That is what the social media empires are banking on, and why social media branding can be key for your roofing marketing plan as you expand your outreach.

As noted, social media branding is all about networking and outreach. Instead of viewing the world as a place where people and companies are separate and unconnected, social media bridges that gap, allowing people to interact with- at least digitally- the companies that they purchase from or might potential work with in the future. The companies with the most social media branding campaigns are the most successful in expanding their horizons, meeting new potential customers, and maximizing the reach of their company. These companies are also the ones that have the best networks with other companies in the industry. They too can connect via social media and can use this tool to take the industry’s temperature, learn about new ideas and new changes in the work that is occurring, and make steps towards powerful alterations to better fit customer needs. Social media branding and marketing is aimed at giving people and companies a new forum through which to interact and discuss ideas related to the work that is being done. It is also a great tool through which companies can reach out to their customers.

Perhaps that is really the secret of a social media branding centered roofing marketing plan; it’s all about reaching out to customers before they have a need so that when they do, you will be the first company that comes to mind. It is as if you are taking all the question marks of internet marketing into your own hands. Instead, you are guiding potential customers towards your company and leading them to discover your company before they have to go searching for you. In this way, you cut out all the guesswork in the middle and simply start meeting customers. Utilize social media branding to make a bigger impact on your customers. Turn the Roofer Marketing Gurus to help you make your social media marketing impact.

Three Basic Roofing Problems and Fast Solutions

Hiring the services of professional roofers is the recommended action when it comes to solving roof-related problems. There are situations though when you may need to do the roof repair yourself when the situation calls for it. These are either emergency cases or the local roofers are not available as they are currently occupied. Here are three possible roofing problems you may face and how to quickly solve then.

Roof Corp

roof repair

The Problem: A huge storm has resulted in the shingle being damaged. You want to protect the rest of the roof from additional damage by repairing the damaged one.

Quick Solution: First you need to get roofing cement and aluminium flashing. The next step is to cut the flashing in a way that it is less than 1 inch of the width of the damaged portion but 4 inches longer. The length should be longer so as to allow you to extend it to either side of the damage portion. Using a pry bar, loosen carefully the damaged portion as well as the ones on either side of it. After that use the cement and apply it beneath the surface of the damaged portion.

The Problem: Some of the wooden shingles in the rood have split and need replacement.

Quick Solution: If your roof uses wood shingles as material, it is not surprising that over time they will become damaged. What you need to do is replace each shingle individually. Using a hammer and chisel, split the shingle into different narrow pieces and remove them through the use of pliers. Slide a hacksaw blade underneath the shingle in order to cut the nails holding the shingle. Place the new shingle in position and use a knife to trim it so that it fits into place. After doing that, slide the shingle in place then drive the shingle nails below the edge of the shingle. Using a hammer and wooden block, slowly tap the new shingle in place.

The Problem: The paint on the masonry of your chimney keeps on peeling.

Quick Solution: The peeling of the paint is most likely due to the water that seeps through the chimney. What you need to do is install a stainless rain cap or even better a copper one. This will prevent the water from seeping further.

Keep in mind that the problems and their corresponding solutions suggested here is basic and possibly temporary. You should also remember that when working on these problems, you are on top of the roof so safety is your primary concern. One danger for example is the possibility of slipping so it is best to step on the roof as little as you can. If the roof repair is going to take longer than expected then use a ladder. Better yet, have a safety harness secured by a lifeline tied to a stable portion of the roof like the base of the chimney. If you believe that this is still difficult then do not try to repair it yourself and instead just seek the assistance of professional roofers.


Tips for picking out the right kind of roofing shingle for your home.

So here you are. The time has come to replace the roof on your home. Maybe you just moved into the house knowing that a roof repair job was just going to be part of the deal. Maybe you have lived in your house for years and your gift to yourself this year is to replace that roof that has been shedding shingles almost as much as your dog sheds her coat. Maybe you have been hit by a particularly nasty storm and you are trying to figure out how best to approach the looming repair job in front of you. Regardless of the reasons you need to replace your roof, there are a few helpful things that you need to make sure are in your knowledge database. First, you should work with a roofing company that is trustworthy; this means that they have been in business a while, are a local group, and have good ratings, like an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. If you live in the Denver Metro Area, then Roof Corp is the roofing company for you, as they fit all these characteristics. Second, you should have a plan for working with your insurance company if the replacement or repair job is something they will cover. Again, Roof Corp can help with this as one of their complimentary services involves working with your insurance company. Third, know what kinds of shingles you like, both in style and in function. It is not accurate to purport that all shingles are created equal. In fact, there are so many kinds of materials that shingles are made with these days as well as so many different kinds of functions and styles kept in mind during the production process that you need to know what kind of shingle you are looking for. Here are a few tips on selecting the right kind of shingle for your style, your home, and your climate:

1. Roof shingles are typically one of the very first things that a person sees when they look at a house. They notice the front door, the siding, any interesting yard creatures and features that may be present; but they mostly notice your roof. The shingles on your roof are an important part of your roof’s aesthetic and indeed the aesthetic of your entire home, so this is an important decision. Consider premium shingles that are created with aesthetic in mind if this is the most important aspect of construction to you.

2. Think about the roofing material logically. For example, the most common kind of shingle to use has been wood and organic material based shingles, but because these are particularly prone to fire, they have been replaced by a more practical fiberglass shingle. With this in mind, you should think about your climate and the kind of shingles that make the most sense for your climate and your area. For example, if you live in the Denver metro area or the front range, impact resistant shingles may help you avoid some hail damage related repairs.

No matter what, remember that shingles are important functionally and aesthetically to your home; choose wisely!

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Denver has some beautiful roofs.

I just went out for lunch.  Actually, I guess that I should say that I went back home for lunch to let me dog out.  She is the best thing to ever happen to me and I love to have her around.  The best thing that she makes me do is walk around my neighborhood more.  I love my neighborhood and that is the reason why I live there.  I wanted to be sure that I would be living in a place in which I would be free to walk around at all hours and enjoy all of the shops, restaurants, and bars that Denver has to offer.  It has been a phenomenal experience living there thus far.  Nevertheless, one of the things that I have noticed about my neighborhood is that it is currently undergoing quite a bit of change.  This can be seen both economically, as in the shops along Colfax Avenue are changing quite a bit, but also in terms of the houses deep into the neighborhoods.

roofersThe neighborhood in which I live is one of the oldest in Denver and as a result, many of the homes there are in need of some remodeling and updating.  One of the ways that many of these homes are visibly getting updated is by replacing the roof. I recently witnessed this as I was walking my dog in our usual area.  There was a lot of commotion and it definitely spooked the pup a bit.  As soon as we got around a tree, we saw that there were some roofers peeling off the previous shingles and throwing them to the ground.  Without knowing exactly where they were in the process of replacing the roof, I have to imagine that they were doing it by removing all of the old shingles and then clearing up any cracks in the roof or any holes that may have appeared for whatever reason.  They then probably would start to cover the roof in shingles again.  They do this by carefully lining up the shingles so that it covers 100% of the roof. The straight line of the shingles allows for the roofers to work quickly to get the job done.

There are many different roofing companies in Denver, but it is important to choose a quality roofing company like Academy Roofing. They are able to get the job done very quickly and update their customers on the progress as they go through the entire process.  I have never had them replace a roof for me, but I have to imagine that they do a great job when called upon.  I know that it would be a drag if a roofer came by and did the job to a less than satisfactory level.  You would then have to call another roof to just start the work process all over again and no one really has time for that sort of thing these days. Nevertheless, if you hire the right team at the beginning, you can get everything done.


In this part of the country the winters can be especially brutal. Our temperatures fall down 30 degrees below zero and the snow piles up, as tall as a man. The winter is hard on people, it makes them blue and makes are bodies susceptible to all the sicknesses that float around in the cold air. The winter is hard on out cars too. Even if you do not consider the danger that our cars are in with all the ice on the road and potential for an accident at sky-high levels, there is still the day to day chemical wear that our vehicles suffer from all the snow alts they use to make the roads drivable. There is just no way to argue that the winters around here are an awful hard time, but there is one thing that takes the hardest beating during the winter months, and that thing is our roofs.

The roof, sometimes we just take it for granted, we forget that it is the thing that keeps us warm when it is cold and cool when the hot sun is pouring down on us. The roof is always there to protect us, if we remember it or not. However, there is one time when we must keep our minds on our roofs and that is after a hard winter.

The things about winter and a roof is that they do battle for four or five months and after that time the roof tends to need a little extra attention and care. As soon as the last snow melts, I call up the local roofing company and tell them that we need them to make their yearly inspection of our roof. I know that the roof needs to be looked over after winter because not long ago I did not care for my roof as I now do and it cost me a lot of money.

During winter the weight of the snow, and the thrashing of the hail that the roof takes, make it prime season for roof decay. Roof decay is when the roof gets those weak spots in it and people step through them.  So anyway, last year we had a hard winter but when spring came around I went out and looked the house over and just figured it was fine. That was a huge mistake for me to make. The winter had given my poor roof a hard lashing and less than 2 months later; there was a large crescent shaped leak in my roof. The roofers came out and fixed it for me but the whole problem could have been avoided in the first place. A professional roofer can spot a potential problem in no time. If I had just taken the proper precautions and called a roofing contractor in to give me an inspection after the snow melted, there never would have been a problem.

How to protect your new home’s roofing

If you are a homeowner who has discovered that you need a roof repair or replacement unexpectedly, then you are probably distressed about it. Roof repairs can be expensive and time consuming and can directly impact your day to day living. However, there are a few things you can do to ease the burden on yourself just a little bit. That little bit can make all the difference, though, so continue reading below for some helpful advice.

1. First, if you are able to, develop a relationship with a roofing contractor from the beginning. Genesis RoofingAssuming you bought the house and there was an inspection done, there might have been an opportunity at that point to have a roofing contractor such as Genesis Total Exteriors take a look at your roof and determine any needs at that time. If not, now is as good a time as any to call a roofer and have them come and check out your roof.

2. Second, once that relationship has been established, continue to work with them on a fairly regular basis. Have them out at least once per year to take a look at your roof and make sure it withstood the previous year’s weather conditions. Often times, if you notice your roof is leaky and in need of repairs, it is because a minor problem was left neglected and simply worsened until it became obvious to you as the owner. Waiting until you as the home owner notice is often waiting until it is too late, which can end up costing way more money than a regular consultation would have.

3. Third, understand your home and its needs by continuing to work with that roofing company leading up to inclement weather season. If you need to have any aspect of your roof reinforced or strengthened, they can help you understand your options and why it is something worth doing to help protect your home. They might also advise you that, depending on what weather might be coming, it is not necessarily worth it to invest in certain aspects of your roof because it might not matter.

4. This should be an obvious one after steps one through three, above, but it is worth repeating. There is simply no replacement for developing a relationship with a roofing contractor that you trust and that you know will be there for you when you need them. Roof repair situations are almost always emergencies of some sort or another, so doing everything you can to be prepared in advance will help go a long way towards saving money, time, and hassle. A roof repair is already going to be an inconvenience and cost you money, but these steps above are just a few you can take to help minimize both the inconvenience and even the cost.

There is no substitute for a good roofing contractor, so do your best for your home and seek one out today. Understanding your needs and developing a relationship with a contractor who can meet them will save you a lot of headache in the long run.