Top reasons you should always work with a local roofing company.

Roofing is absolutely a business that requires a certain degree of local expertise. Without this important knowledge base, it will be hard for a roofer to really get the job done right. After all, each area has its own needs and restrictions in terms of climate and weather patterns. To put shingles on a home that are not going to hold up against the weather is a terrible idea, and unless you are working with a roofer who truly does know how to handle these issues, you will find it very difficult to get the results that you need. That’s why partnering with Genesis Total Exteriors is your best bet for solving your roofing problems. Finding a local roofer with excellent experience truly is the best way to go, as you know that you will be able to trust them with fair pricing as well as extensive knowledge on local and regional needs. Here are a few of the important reasons to keep your roofer close by.

1. Local knowledge: Roofing is one of those industries that cannot just be picked up and taken anywhere. There is a lot of knowledge that must obtained to practice roofing in a particular area simply due to the fact that roofing is a critical exterior in your home. It is easy enough to replace a roof, but requires a lot more specific knowledge to replace it with the right materials for the specific needs of the area in which you live. This is why you must be careful to find a roofer with the local knowledge that is critical for the kind of work that they are going.

2. Fair pricing: When you work with a locally based business, especially one that has been in the industry for a while, you can count on them to be well aware of what the community will sustain in terms of pricing. At this point, they would no longer be in business if they were charging unfair prices. However, if a traveling roofer comes to town to take care of your needs, then it will be a lot easier for them to take advantage of you and charge you more than is necessary. That’s why a local roofing company is better to get you fair prices and why a local roofer is a smart choice.

3. Local businesses support local economies: When you decide to pay a local business person to do your work for you, you find that you are supporting your local economy and keeping your local community stronger. Perhaps that is the best reason to support local business; by keeping your business local, you will find that your community grows by leaps and bounds.

4. Proper building materials: In Colorado, our climate patterns make it important to protect against hail damage. In other areas, whether they receive a lot of rainfall, perhaps the bigger thing to remember is a roofing material that easily drains water. Regardless, a local roofer is better equipped to get you the correct roofing shingles to protect your home against the weather, whatever it may be.

The Dos and Don’ts about roofing contracts

The word contracts alone has a tendency to scare people away from getting a new roof put on their homes.  Contracts typically mean that the customer is getting locked into some kind of agreement that they will become penalized if they break the contract.

The penalty could be something that will end up costing the customer money.  However, the penalty can also benefit the roofing company because they will not lose out on a customer’s business without charging them.  The charge that the customers receive will cover the work that has been done on the customers roofs to date.

It should always be on your checklists to verify the fine print in your roofing companies’ contracts.  It is never the company’s intentions to trick you or hide things from you.  Their purpose is to make sure that their legal rights are clearly stated so that they have a backup plan if their customers choose to fight back against them.

As a customer, it should always be in your best interest to find the best roofing company in the industry.  You want someone that knows what they are doing and can do the job well.  The customers usually know exactly what they want and the price range that they need to stay within in order to be able to afford the project.

The roofing company along with the customers should have a meeting in person to consult the different options that are available to them.  Once everyone has come to a conclusion about what would be the best fit for the customer then it is time to start thinking about the contract.  Majority of the roofers will have some kind of warranty or guarantee statement to protect the work that they do.  This will reassure the customers that they are paying for something that is worth it.

Some warranties can be extended.  A roofer employee should be able to tell you what the details about the warranties are.  Typically a roofing companies warranty can be extended for an additional cost.  This is common for warranties on almost any product.  There is a limited warranty that will likely be included in the total price of the work.  This usually lasts shorter time frame and may not cover everything that was done on the roof.

One type of contract that people typically have a tendency of forgetting is the quoted time frame that will be required to complete the roofing job.  Usually a contract will indicate the timeline of the roof repair project.

In the contract you should take a special note of how long the roof replacement will take.  This time frame may vary depending on the company.  You should also always be aware of what the roofing company says in the contract about the different types of equipment that will be used on your home. roofers-working

Warranties will typically cover any roofing problems that will occur after the new install of the roof.  It is important that the customer is aware of when the warranty expires.

Three Basic Roofing Problems and Fast Solutions

Hiring the services of professional roofers is the recommended action when it comes to solving roof-related problems. There are situations though when you may need to do the roof repair yourself when the situation calls for it. These are either emergency cases or the local roofers are not available as they are currently occupied. Here are three possible roofing problems you may face and how to quickly solve then.

Roof Corp

roof repair

The Problem: A huge storm has resulted in the shingle being damaged. You want to protect the rest of the roof from additional damage by repairing the damaged one.

Quick Solution: First you need to get roofing cement and aluminium flashing. The next step is to cut the flashing in a way that it is less than 1 inch of the width of the damaged portion but 4 inches longer. The length should be longer so as to allow you to extend it to either side of the damage portion. Using a pry bar, loosen carefully the damaged portion as well as the ones on either side of it. After that use the cement and apply it beneath the surface of the damaged portion.

The Problem: Some of the wooden shingles in the rood have split and need replacement.

Quick Solution: If your roof uses wood shingles as material, it is not surprising that over time they will become damaged. What you need to do is replace each shingle individually. Using a hammer and chisel, split the shingle into different narrow pieces and remove them through the use of pliers. Slide a hacksaw blade underneath the shingle in order to cut the nails holding the shingle. Place the new shingle in position and use a knife to trim it so that it fits into place. After doing that, slide the shingle in place then drive the shingle nails below the edge of the shingle. Using a hammer and wooden block, slowly tap the new shingle in place.

The Problem: The paint on the masonry of your chimney keeps on peeling.

Quick Solution: The peeling of the paint is most likely due to the water that seeps through the chimney. What you need to do is install a stainless rain cap or even better a copper one. This will prevent the water from seeping further.

Keep in mind that the problems and their corresponding solutions suggested here is basic and possibly temporary. You should also remember that when working on these problems, you are on top of the roof so safety is your primary concern. One danger for example is the possibility of slipping so it is best to step on the roof as little as you can. If the roof repair is going to take longer than expected then use a ladder. Better yet, have a safety harness secured by a lifeline tied to a stable portion of the roof like the base of the chimney. If you believe that this is still difficult then do not try to repair it yourself and instead just seek the assistance of professional roofers.


Tips for picking out the right kind of roofing shingle for your home.

So here you are. The time has come to replace the roof on your home. Maybe you just moved into the house knowing that a roof repair job was just going to be part of the deal. Maybe you have lived in your house for years and your gift to yourself this year is to replace that roof that has been shedding shingles almost as much as your dog sheds her coat. Maybe you have been hit by a particularly nasty storm and you are trying to figure out how best to approach the looming repair job in front of you. Regardless of the reasons you need to replace your roof, there are a few helpful things that you need to make sure are in your knowledge database. First, you should work with a roofing company that is trustworthy; this means that they have been in business a while, are a local group, and have good ratings, like an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. If you live in the Denver Metro Area, then Roof Corp is the roofing company for you, as they fit all these characteristics. Second, you should have a plan for working with your insurance company if the replacement or repair job is something they will cover. Again, Roof Corp can help with this as one of their complimentary services involves working with your insurance company. Third, know what kinds of shingles you like, both in style and in function. It is not accurate to purport that all shingles are created equal. In fact, there are so many kinds of materials that shingles are made with these days as well as so many different kinds of functions and styles kept in mind during the production process that you need to know what kind of shingle you are looking for. Here are a few tips on selecting the right kind of shingle for your style, your home, and your climate:

1. Roof shingles are typically one of the very first things that a person sees when they look at a house. They notice the front door, the siding, any interesting yard creatures and features that may be present; but they mostly notice your roof. The shingles on your roof are an important part of your roof’s aesthetic and indeed the aesthetic of your entire home, so this is an important decision. Consider premium shingles that are created with aesthetic in mind if this is the most important aspect of construction to you.

2. Think about the roofing material logically. For example, the most common kind of shingle to use has been wood and organic material based shingles, but because these are particularly prone to fire, they have been replaced by a more practical fiberglass shingle. With this in mind, you should think about your climate and the kind of shingles that make the most sense for your climate and your area. For example, if you live in the Denver metro area or the front range, impact resistant shingles may help you avoid some hail damage related repairs.

No matter what, remember that shingles are important functionally and aesthetically to your home; choose wisely!

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Denver has some beautiful roofs.

I just went out for lunch.  Actually, I guess that I should say that I went back home for lunch to let me dog out.  She is the best thing to ever happen to me and I love to have her around.  The best thing that she makes me do is walk around my neighborhood more.  I love my neighborhood and that is the reason why I live there.  I wanted to be sure that I would be living in a place in which I would be free to walk around at all hours and enjoy all of the shops, restaurants, and bars that Denver has to offer.  It has been a phenomenal experience living there thus far.  Nevertheless, one of the things that I have noticed about my neighborhood is that it is currently undergoing quite a bit of change.  This can be seen both economically, as in the shops along Colfax Avenue are changing quite a bit, but also in terms of the houses deep into the neighborhoods.

roofersThe neighborhood in which I live is one of the oldest in Denver and as a result, many of the homes there are in need of some remodeling and updating.  One of the ways that many of these homes are visibly getting updated is by replacing the roof. I recently witnessed this as I was walking my dog in our usual area.  There was a lot of commotion and it definitely spooked the pup a bit.  As soon as we got around a tree, we saw that there were some roofers peeling off the previous shingles and throwing them to the ground.  Without knowing exactly where they were in the process of replacing the roof, I have to imagine that they were doing it by removing all of the old shingles and then clearing up any cracks in the roof or any holes that may have appeared for whatever reason.  They then probably would start to cover the roof in shingles again.  They do this by carefully lining up the shingles so that it covers 100% of the roof. The straight line of the shingles allows for the roofers to work quickly to get the job done.

There are many different roofing companies in Denver, but it is important to choose a quality roofing company like Academy Roofing. They are able to get the job done very quickly and update their customers on the progress as they go through the entire process.  I have never had them replace a roof for me, but I have to imagine that they do a great job when called upon.  I know that it would be a drag if a roofer came by and did the job to a less than satisfactory level.  You would then have to call another roof to just start the work process all over again and no one really has time for that sort of thing these days. Nevertheless, if you hire the right team at the beginning, you can get everything done.